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Sonic generations how to get casino night zone

With Sonic, pressing it will make a trail of rings appear.
When that is finished, you will unlock Nights, Aiai, and loto foot en 7 Ulala.You have to beat all the bosses (Metal Sonic, Death Egg Robot, Shadow, Perfect Chaos, Silver, and Egg Dragoon) and collect all the Chaos Emeralds.Radical Highway Modern Era.When you first play the game, the casino area "is only open at night." You have to play through the story until you get access to the area.1 Also, as of April 2018, it has become a free download on Xbox Live after Sonic Generations was added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.Then go to any level as modern or classic Sonic and collect 50 rings, then press the "Y" button to transform into Super Sonic.Green Hill Zone.The most coming soon sonic-only game is currently Sonic 4 episode.Casino Night Zone.But he has no reaction that differs from the on that Tails gets when playing the level.For Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, complete all missions to unlock Nights, Amigo and I think Billy Hatcher, I have them unlocked I just haven't played the game in ages.
Most of the Stage takes place on a large-scale pinball table on which Sonic is the size of a pinball.
Sega, the sega logo and sonic generations are either registered trademarks or trademarks of sega Corporation.Playable characters (story mode level number.Regarding the boss, when he drops the ball, hit him from below between the green conductors, without hitting the ball.As of September 29, 2016, this DLC has become available for free to all Steam owners.The same music will play regardless of which Sonic is being used, and is the same as the Casino Night Act 2 from the Nintendo 3DS version.So its.There will be 2 options: Play as the original Sonic in the original levels, or play as the newer Sonic in levels like in Sonic Colors or Sonic Unleashed.Someone only made sonic genarations on Xbox 360.( Full Answer if you mean to go back to the main menu, you have to pause and press ABSelectStart to get there.249651 ( Full Answer ).