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Smiley pokerus

Jazama 00:42, 22 September 2011 (UTC) Just a reminder to other users: please check previous comments to avoid this page getting cluttered with redundant comments.
Darklord trom 10:25, 19 February 2010 (UTC) POKeRUS removed in G1?Since clock based events are functionless, and immunization seems to be a clock based event, will Pokérus remain tartelette chocolat casino indefinitely?I had begun playing one of the generation two games, played it for about an hour; saved the game and turned it off.I went to withdraw the ones in the box to have their IVs Judged and see if their natures are the one I need, and both of the Eevee that went to the box had Pokérus.You might also be able to give them Pokérus if they defeat your Pokérus-infected pokémon in battle.I just want to bounce off this topic cause it's related.Seevea of The Blackened Halls 23:36, 24 February 2011 (UTC) (this is Seevea if the signature thing doesn't work again )- unsigned comment from Seevea ( talk contribs ) Base stats Does a Pokémon have to have Pokérus to in order max out base stats?Since this condition greatly increase the power of your Pokemon, it is highly advisable that you spread it to all your Pokemon.Then the next battle it leveled up to level 9 and its HP was 33, Atk 15, Def 17, Sp Atk 18, Sp Def 14 and Speed.Coronet and Snowpoint City) count as healing at a Pokémon center?
BlueGasMask 04:43, 2 September 2008 (UTC) After the infection "Though the virus is gone, its positive effects will remain, most specifically the ability for that Pokémon to gain double EVs." I've heard myself that it gains 2x EV's when it has the PokéRus sign and.
If not, that's why it hasn't gone away.
It's the same thing as using a Macho Brace or other Power item, except the Pokemon doesn't have to hold an item, and their speed will not be cut in half.We already know it will spread after battle, but the results vary much.I can't explain much else about your story except I think green was a leftover default name in the programming from Gen.After the Pokémon becomes immune, the pkrs badge on the status screen will be replaced with a small smiley face to the right of that pokémon's picture, which represents the fact that that pokémon has had the Pokérus.Where did it appear with middle caps originally anyway?It spreads within the party, and a pogey in the PC will not lose PokeRus status.If there are still problems, please don't hesitate to report them.But still, that is interesting.Unsigned comment from Suicizer ( talk contribs ) If it's using the trainer sprite in battle, that likely means you have some variety of?For some screenshot of this event, here they are (too bad I wasn't thinking about making screenshots before putting my Mew to the day-care lady).Should this be be stated in the article?So if a Pokémon has the Pokérus, does it affect the amount of EVs it gains when it takes drugs?Seeing as a traded pokemon gains Exp at an accelerated rate does it also gain EVs at an accelerated rate?(unless that "chance" is similar to the chance that a non-infected party Pokémon can contract Pokérus from an infected party Pokémon adjacent next to it - meaning that just like you may have to battle multiple times until a given Pokémon gets infected from.