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Poker hud stats explained

Very tight for example if bingo windsor ontario breakaway they have vpip of only about 15 maybe 20 it means that they are only playing a small percentage of the hands which are dealt to them which would I would say.9 of the time meaning they're playing the.
And they show down their cards off it was been dealt we can if this if this number is particularly high we can begin to realize that players are calling us down a lot so we can bet a lot more into them line they're.Stands loto 13 octobre 2017 tirage for free bet this this is pretty much when a player say a mid position raises and the buttom re-raises and this is this is a free bet we have it to see how likely someone is to free better raise if someone's not.And this is when a player raises in leap position with the intention to steal the blinds so they might raise from the bus and big blind and small blind then fold and they take down the blinds and the end of the hand.Coaching Videos: forum: m/forum deals: m/deals like us on Facebook (m/iPokerVIP) and follow us on Twitter @PokerVIP (m/pokervip) to keep track of all the new videos and offers the moment they go live.To deduce again how decent a player is if their steel isn't much higher than their PFR it would generally mean that they're playing this track for their card rather than their position which is not not really that that advisable it would suggest that.Of straightaway work out what type of player we're up against if they're playing a very wide range of hands you know percent even 100 percent we're straight away you're going to realize that they have a very wide range and on top of that.
Sup guys this is Nick hey Stewie stag coming at you for poker VIP calm and today we're going to look at some of some of the HUD stats I'm going to give you kind of a basic beginner's guide to what sort of stats.
On the hand they're suppose realize later on the hands a better way so ours ourselves we don't want it to be too site de casino en ligne iphone high again we have it too low though people begin just bet and because they know that we're cooling down with with.80 really would be acceptable the general rule that I go by and I think is is the best rule is that the higher vpip mpfi you have the lower your continuation bet should be just because your range is that much wider you only.Again how aggressive someone is if they've got high C bet it suggests that they're going to be betting a lot of a time post lop if they have a high C bet we can also determine we can also come to the conclusion that.Low folder still what suggests as they're playing a lot of hands very passively if they've got a high vpip high pfr high free bit high steel loaf over steel they're going to be an aggressive type of player who's who's more likely.Kind of aim for the 40 50 percent kind of market makes it difficult for our opponents to begin see betting in to us it balances our range between hands that we when with when we've got the really strong piece and when we flop.A number out there just because it's so it's based on our play based on the players you play against place based on at the site you pay on so that play on this so it's a lot of variables because that can change this.Example we did before where the bottom raises preflop the small blank calls the flop columns are small blind checks the buttons see bets and then the small blind folds is when they fold to a continuation bet we have the stat purely to see.Just sums up how much money we're winning if over 20,000 hands we win 10 binds that can also be expressed as 1 by in per two thousand hands five hundred or half a buy-in per 1000 hands or five big blinds per 100 hands.Well explained and good length.Not too long and not too short.Coaching Videos: m/school/ poker -coaching/ poker -coaching-videos/ Forum: m/forum/ Deals: m/deals/ Like us on Facebook (m/iPokerVIP) and follow.

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