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Poke metrotown

poke metrotown

Sickie "Woman who likes the male body.
Nice Face Discount Elaine got 50 bucks knocked off the armour that she saw on the street because she had a nice face.
Gardenburger With Sea Salted Fries, teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl, chicken Tenders With Sea Salted Fries.Its' Not You, It's Me Phrase, purportedly coined by George Costanza.Baby Extraneous term applied to the end of sayings like don t poke the bear a statement to add more emphasis to that statement.I Like to Stop at the Duty Free Shop Catchy phrase to recite on the way to the airport.Bump Into Situation whereby a couple that has broken up unexpectedly encounters one another.Hoochie Mama Alternative to Serenity Now (see Serenity Now for it's definition) because as we all know, Serenity Now, Insanity Later.
La Cocina The name of George's made up off broadway musical about a miming chef named Pepe.
Cranberry Juice with Two Limes Beverage served at the Hotel Westbury.
With Ma in front.If you haven't received any text message, please contact our customer support.Granitowe /url/b Grease Monkey Derogatory term for auto mechanic Gyro Savoury takeaway roll, can be purchased at subway stations.The Combination Alcohol - A fool-proof method of removing items from "The Vault." The contest A competition used to establish who is "master of their domain" (see master of your domain) The Drake Nickname of Scott Drake.Extremely contageous, once it spreads, it can lead to an epidemic that may force some out of the social circle of their apartment building.Relationship Intern An assistant to a man dating a woman who helps with girl problems because neither of them can handle a woman by himself.(step 9 in particular.) Stickin' It Rubbing.Double park The act of parking next to another car on a street, trapping it between the curb and the car next.

Chewing the fat What Jerry and his imaginary butcher Franco.
A favorite of Jackie Chiles.