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Poka yoke cartoon

Poka-yokes in manufacturing, in manufacturing, there are three main types of poka-yoke for quality assurance : contact methods, fixed-value methods and motion-step methods.
Warnings provide an alert that is designed to prevent additional errors or defects from happening.
Zero Quality Control (1986) and Productivity Presss big red book (1987 both of which are useful but leave you hungry for more examples that do not date back to the 1960s and 70s.With car engines, they do; with computers, they dont, and many different configurations of the same product are mounted in the same chassis.Detekcja jest realizowana przez czujnik lub inny mechaniczny element urządzenia Poka-Yoke, który wyłączy maszynę lub nie pozwoli przekazać dalej obrabianej części dopóki nie zaistnieją właściwe warunki.The tangs used to prevent mounting the button in the wrong position on a music player control panel are a classic, and the same method is used in my HP inkjet printer to prevent mounting ink cartridges in the dock for a different color.Motion-step methods monitor whether a motion or step has occurred within a certain keno d aujourd hui timeframe or sequence.Aoki also included it in his package to me, but I have not had a chance to look at it yet.Bin cover Poka-Yoke, clearly, the way it works, and whether it works, is obvious.Fixed-value methods are used when a process must be done a certain number of times or when a certain number of parts are associated with the completion of a task, for example, bolts that need tightening a certain number of times or the parts required.The examples in Part II are more similar to those in the older books than I expected.
It then distinguishes the categories of mistake-proofing devices, such as the ones that physically prevent mistakes versus those that prevent defectives from escaping to the next process.
I had asked him for it out of curiosity about new developments in this field.Control mechanisms stop the next step of a process from occuring.Among Aokis books, the one without, toyota in the title is called All about car factories November, 2012 and its purpose is to explain in an integrated manner both the production process and production control sides of car making.By a method that relies on differences in the outer dimensions of a product is only applicable where such differences exist.In the following case is also consistent with the older Poka-Yokes: the outer dimensions of products are used to tell them apart and make different sets of parts available for assembly.Poka-yokes can be either warning mechanisms or control mechanisms.

In, make No Mistake (2001) Martin Hinckley reused many of the same examples, but added a few using more electronics, discussed the relationship between mistake-proofing and statistical methods, and included a directory of  suppliers for tools and devices.
Six Sigma methodologies, continuous improvement (kaizen) and the, toyota Way, production System. .