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How to use pokeradar in diamond

how to use pokeradar in diamond

Where can I get the Pokeradar?
Step 3: Choosing a target encounter rates: Now that we've selected a field of grass, it's time to choose our target.
You get the PokeRadar after you get the National Pokedex.Most of them don't have any Pokemon, and you'll get the message "Huh?So keep on reseting the radar until you find the shiny loto du 24 05 patch.Q: I've been reseting the radar for over an hour now at a chain of 40, and I still haven't found my shiny patch.Where can I use the Pokeradar?If you are chaining an electric type Pokemon, I'd recommend having a Pokemon with the ability static in the front of your party.So gather these materials, then we'll move on to step.It's everyone's favorite shiny hunter, Natasha here!Once you've done this, go talk to Professor Oak in front of Pal Park and he'll give you the Poke Radar.Because it's the only method that guarantees you a shiny, and is the highest odds of finding a shiny!
Step 5: Finding the shiny patch Once you get to a chain of 40, you're odds of finding the shiny patch are at max, 1/200 per patch.
When you find the Pokemon you want, either catch or faint.Route 5, route 7, azure Bay, pokemon village.The medium patch shake: what is the meaning of pok a tok these patches shake faster than the slow patches, but not as fast as the fast patches.Or if it knows self destruct valise ordinateur roulette legere of explosion, have a Pokemon with the ability damp to prevent the shiny from using this move.If you are chaining a steel type Pokemon, I'd recommend having a Pokemon with the ability magnet pull because it raises the encounter rate of steel types by 30, like static does for electric types.Did this article help you?Today I have a guide on how to hunt shinies using the pokeradar.