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1910 slot machine

7, 1978; 49 FR 5323, Feb.
Such attachments shall be securely anchored and adjusted in such a way that the operator is restrained from reaching into the point of operation.39 FR 32502, June 27, 1974.1910.215(c 5 ii) Straight flanges of the adaptor or sleeve type (Table O-7 and Figures O-33 and O-34) shall be undercut so that there will comment se faire des amis et influencer les autres wikipedia be no bearing on the sides of the wheel within one-eighth inch of the arbor hole.Hardwoods recommended are those whose ultimate crushing strengths in compression parallel to grain are 5,000.s.i.The maximum angular exposure of the grinding wheel periphery and sides for safety guards used on cutting-off machines and on surface grinding machines which employ the wheel periphery shall not exceed 150 deg.Overhead rope drive and block and roller-chain-drive guards shall be not less than six (6) inches wider than the drive on each side.
3 1350: Decatur Fairest Wheel Works Improved Fairest Wheel "Large Wheel" 1351: Decatur Fairest Wheel Works Improved Fairest Wheel "Large Wheel" 1352: Decatur Fairest Wheel Works Improved Fairest Wheel "Large Wheel" 1353: Decatur Fairest Wheel Works Improved Fairest Wheel "Large Wheel" 1354: Decatur Fairest Wheel.
1910.213(a 11) The frames and all exposed, noncurrent-carrying metal parts of portable electric woodworking machinery operated at more than 90 volts to ground shall be grounded and other portable motors driving electric tools which are held in the hand while being operated shall be grounded.
In lieu of such yielding sectional rolls, suitable section kickback finger devices shall be provided at the infeed end.1910.218(e 2) Board drophammers.1910.211(f 4) Exposed to contact means that the location of an object is such that a person is likely to come into contact with it and be injured.To accomplish this, the machine spindle shall be made to nominal (standard) size plus zero minus.002 inch, and the wheel hole shall be made suitably oversize to assure safety clearance under the conditions of operating heat and pressure.Ample room for cleaning machines, handling material, work pieces, and scrap shall also be provided.1910.217(c 1 ii) The requirement of paragraph (c 1 i) of this section shall not apply when the point of operation opening is one-fourth inch or less.All power-transmission equipment shall be inspected at intervals not exceeding 60 days and be kept in good working condition at all times.O-32, Click Here) table O-6 - minimum dimensions FOR straight relieved flanges(1) (In inches) A- B- C- Radial width of D- E- Diameter Minimum bearing surface Minimum Minimum of outside _ thickness thickness Wheel diameter of of flange of Minimum Maximum flange at edge flanges.Both types are reinforced, organic bonded wheels having offset hubs which permit side and peripheral grinding operations without interference with the mounting.1910.217(b 7 v c) The control system shall incorporate an antirepeat feature.